Bears’ Robert Quinn insists he doesn’t want trade


Robert Quinn insists he doesn’t want to be traded. Really.

On Wednesday, Quinn stepped onto the podium for the first time since trade rumors started swirling. Unsurprisingly, he’s been asked time and time again if he wants to stay with the Bears, if the team has assured him he’ll stay in Chicago, and every other trade-related question you can imagine. And every answer Quinn gave was an iteration of “Yes, I want to be here. But I understand that it’s a business and anything can happen.

Fans may be in disbelief that Quinn would be happy to spend the last years of his career on a rebuilding team, but again Quinn insisted he was happy with Chicago.

“In all honesty, that defense, knowing the type of defense we run, I know it very well,” Quinn said. “I knock on wood, I intend to succeed for myself. I guess I know what I’m getting into, and that takes the weight off my shoulders. You don’t walk into the building not knowing what’s going to happen. So I come here knowing exactly what they expect of me, exactly what they expect of me and what I have to do. Again, it makes life much easier when you don’t get confused.

Being comfortable with a particular scheme and knowing that you can be successful in that scheme goes a long way towards enjoying any work environment. Knowing all the pains that come with being uprooted from your life and starting anew somewhere else also helps.

“I got traded twice,” Quinn said. “You’re tired of moving.”

Quinn was also reluctant to discuss a storyline in which he was traded to a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Von Miller didn’t want to leave Denver, but ended up with a ring in Los Angeles Same with Matthew Stafford. Wouldn’t Quinn want the same opportunity for himself?

“Well, maybe I won’t wake up tomorrow,” Quinn said. “There are a lot of ifs. The only thing I can control is myself. Whether I’m in this building or another building, all I can do is bring the best version of myself and keep the positive energy around me. If you think about all the assumptions, honestly, you’re going to start bringing negative energy into the building. I’ve seen it before and it’s not a good thing. I’m just trying to come in with a positive mind and prepare for the season as a Chicago Bear and take life as it comes.

So what about skipping the mandatory minicamp. If Quinn was really happy here, and wanted to be here, why didn’t he show up for the first mandatory practices with his new coaches?

“More just trying to take care of my body, straighten myself out mentally,” Quinn said. “It’s my 12th year. I knew what to expect. More just make me well mentally, physically.

Is it worth the possibility of a hefty fine?


At the end of his session with the media, Quinn was clearly exasperated at having to answer so many different questions about his future with the team, and that’s understandable. But his song remained the same.

“You’re going to hear me say it a million times: it’s just the nature of business. I don’t know how many times I can say this so maybe people understand, but it’s really just the nature of the business.

“I’m preparing to be here and trying to distance myself (from trade rumours) because I never want to bring negativity around anyone. So again, I try to keep a positive energy, wake up with a smile and do the same when I walk through the door of the building.

“I haven’t heard anything since I’ve been in the building, but I’ll say I don’t work upstairs either. I’m in the locker room. When I see Coach ‘Flus, he seems to have a smile on his face. I take that as a good thing. I will keep this as a positive staple in my mind. I see a smile on his face when he looks at me. Just be happy about it.

“I think I did a good job last year, but I guess I’ll keep trying to prove myself. I expect to be here, but I guess if not, it’s out of my control. I’m just gonna take it day by day and have fun here with the guys and let life take its course.

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