Businesses Learn to Adapt to the Sioux Falls Convention


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A new generation of people are entering the workforce and businesses are learning to adapt to the new workplace being formed.

More than 600 business owners, CEOs, educators and community leaders gathered at the Sioux Falls Convention Center for the 2022 Win in Workforce convention.

“Just share and engage with each other on talent and workforce best practices,” said Denise Guzzetta, vice president of talent and workforce for Sioux Falls. Development Foundation.

Students from Lincoln, Roosevelt and Washington high schools were also present.

“To really learn about companies I can join, maybe changing my career path, thinking about life after college and high school,” said Amisa Kakamba, a junior at Lincoln High School.

One of the many topics discussed throughout the day was mental health in the workplace.

“Mental health is a very important topic. It’s important for Gen Z, it’s important for all workers right now because we’ve had a global pandemic. So the experts we’re bringing in today, they’re all talking about the real importance of workplace wellness,” Guzzetta said.

Students say learning about mental health and building culture in the workforce has been beneficial.

“I feel like when you learn about other people’s culture, you feel comfortable and you know more about them. Also, mental health is an important topic to talk about, so I think learning about it is also great,” said Lincoln High School junior Binti Ukash.


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