Covid scare has boosted trade in aromatic and medicinal oils by 20%: industry body


The annual aromatic and medicinal oil business has increased by about 20% to the level of Rs 15,000 crore in the past two years, mainly due to the growing demand across the world amid the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19, an industry body said on Wednesday. ”The demand for domestically produced medicinal oil has increased worldwide after the pandemic scare. The total trade in aromatic and medicinal oils has reached an annual level of Rs 15,000 crore and it is estimated that it will increase by 10-15% every year,’ the chairman of the Oils Association told reporters. Foods of India (EOAI), Yogesh Dube. here.

He said that apart from America and Europe, aromatic and medicinal oils are also in high demand in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, the two main exporters of the commodity.

Dube also informed that the Essential Oils Association International Congress and Expo-2022 will be held in Indore from Thursday to Saturday which will be attended by 1,000 Indian and foreign delegates.

The conference is being held in Madhya Pradesh for the first time, he said, adding that with the availability of herbs in abundance in the state, processing them can give a boost to the local economy.

Shaktivinay Shukla, director of the Kannoj-based central government’s Fragrance and Flavor Development Center (FFDC), said 90% of the world’s mentha is produced in India and the country has the potential to produce more. more.

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