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During his five-year tenure at CNOOC Energy Logistics Research Institute, Mr. Luo Jinhua focused on the digital work of the logistics industry, participated in the management and development of digital series projects of logistics companies, which have laid a solid foundation for digital logistics management. businesses. Holder of the principle “honesty, trust”, goes from a “code farmer” to a practitioner of digital logistics; he made a prototype of “small bicycle market” logistics, in the logistics supply chain. He is particularly good at analyzing and using big data in the field of logistics. At the same time, Mr. Luo has rich experience in project development and management, familiar with information project management process and a variety of development technologies (such as java,. net, vba), server database (ms sql server, oracle, mysql, sybase) and automation programming (DCS, SIS, automaton). In the past, Mr. Luo has solved the technical problems of the project process many times to ensure the smooth delivery and implementation of the project.

Establish an inventory management information network to break the “circle of isolation” of inventory information

In 1998, Mr. Luo Jinhua graduated from South China University of Technology majoring in electronic and microcomputer technology, advanced mathematics, physics, circuit foundation and digital electronic technology, etc., which laid the basics of subsequent information project management process and various development technologies (such as java,.net, vba), database server (ms sql server,oracle,mysql, sybase) and control system programming Automatique. In order to improve his professional abilities, Mr. Luo studied economics and management at Jilin University in 2009, which started his career in the intelligent management of logistics big data information. In this underdeveloped field, he experienced difficulties and enjoyed achievements in digital logistics thanks to his diligence and perseverance.

From 1998 to 2007, Mr. Luo Jinhua worked as a programmer and technical development manager at Guangdong Zhongwang Software Technology Service Co., Ltd. Being honest, trustworthy and hardworking, he quickly won everyone’s recognition and won the highest bonus in the company. every year.

“There is such embarrassment in the traditional freight market, the owner cannot find the right capacity and transport is not guaranteed; The owner cannot find the source of the goods, the company’s inventory forecast is inaccurate, and the efficiency is not high. How to overcome the disadvantages of enterprise inventory management and improve operational efficiency? »

Mr. Luo Jinhua hatched a new idea. In the age of the Internet, is there a possibility to create an inventory management system on the Internet? With the help of the rapid development trend of the Internet, he independently conducted demand research, system design and development, vb+sqlserver, developed the inventory management systems of Xiefeng Watch Industry and Shenzhen (Taiwan) Youcheng Printing Factory on the basis of c/s framework, and quickly established an inventory management network. By providing inventory information and supplier supply and demand information on the Internet, this supply and demand problem has been solved, which has greatly improved the efficiency and benefits of inventory management. .

Build a “logistics tracking” platform and build an effective “logistics ecological circle”

Communication between China and the rest of the world not only requires the e-commerce platform represented by Alibaba, but also the support of the national logistics information platform. Mr. Luo Jinhua is well aware that to solve the problems of the traditional logistics industry, reduce the cost of supply and demand, and improve the efficiency of logistics, he must aim for the key area of ​​competition. future – the National Logistics Information Platform. Mr. Luo Jinhua has boldly innovated and built a new modern logistics ecosystem through the “Internet plus Logistics” model.

As the main material supplier and distribution company of CNOOC Group, CNOOC Logistics Company has an annual material supply quota of hundreds of billions, and the material transportation process is as short as a few hours and as long only a week, but was unable to provide real-time information on the material procurement process. How to open the trading platform, set up a transport platform system, provide real-time distribution information and distribution trajectory for group customers, improve the customer experience of energy logistics companies, is an urgent problem to be solved. Mr. Luo Jinhua undertook the research on this topic, researched and developed the logistics enterprise distribution tracking system, and delivered it successfully. He has published related articles Transportation and Distribution Tracking Technology Research and Implementation of logistics and distribution monitoring. The transportation and distribution tracking system he was responsible for developing was copyrighted and obtained by logistics companies.

Mr. Luo Jinhua is independently responsible for (upgrading) the demand design and development of data sorting tools for material supermarkets of CNOOC Logistics company; responsible for demand research, system design and development of CNOOC processing trade management system independent project (CNOOC Energy Development Co., Ltd. Talent Program); responsible for implementing enterprise accounting and production statistics projects in Huizhou, Zhanjiang and Tanggu, which are the promotion projects of dynamic production control system. The project takes each operation base as the node and the logistics company as the core, and makes full use of modern communication and information technology to instantly and accurately collect information on resources and production operations, so as to realize the production process in real time and efficiently. control and analyze the operation data of the logistics company’s base and help the company make management decisions, which improves the service capacity of the logistics companies and establishes a good corporate image.

Use Big Data and intelligence to oversee and guarantee logistics

The emergence of big data information intelligence has realized the interconnection of logistics data. With just the click of a mouse, through the platform’s real-time data, users can see the logistics information of a large number of logistics transport vehicles, as well as clearly see the real-time location and the accurate information of high-speed transport vehicles. across the country, making smart supervision at your fingertips.

At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 broke out and logistics were blocked. Many anti-epidemic materials and basic necessities could not be transported. At that time, Mr. Luo Jinhua grew up in Australia. As an expert in modern logistics technology, Mr. Luo did not flinch in the new country. He used his skills and experience in the field of digitalization of logistics. Using big data, cloud computing, intelligent logistics and other technical means, it has developed a blockchain-based logistics distribution system, an Internet-based big data logistics management system. objects and an intelligent logistics order data management service system in two years. Through the intelligentization of logistics big data information, it has effectively realized the non-contact logistics mode of transportation, which has played a role in the prevention and control of epidemic prevention, production resumption and achievement of goals. economic and social development of logistics companies. Mr. Luo Jinhua was invited to deliver a speech at the 3rd International Conference on Big Data and Blockchain (ICBDB 2021) in 2021 on the topic of Research on building a logistics information platform based on cloud computing under the background of big data.

Mr. Luo Jinhua hopes that in the future, the intelligence of logistics big data information can spread throughout human life, realize the operation of a digital and unmanned logistics network, and let everyone enjoy the benefits. brought by the development of digital logistics. Mr. Luo Jinhua has always maintained an initial heart in pursuit of dreams, leading the development and growth of intelligent logistics.

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