Educational First Steps Reaches Over 1,750 North Texas Educators at Its Annual Early Childhood Conference


Referring to the success of the week, the President and CEO of the EFS, Vickie Allenshared, “The conference was the culmination of learning, reconnecting and envisioning what is possible in the early childhood education sector. We appreciate those who attended, grateful to those who sponsored and honored by those who presented.We are grateful to the Center Directors and teachers for their participation and hope this has enhanced their journey of learning and development.They have been and will continue to be our focus , and we hope they came away from the experience feeling encouraged and inspired.”

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) industry has faced immense challenges over the past two years. Providers have experienced staffing shortages, changes in mental health awareness, classroom environment, family dynamics, and state and government guidelines. In short, they were forced to do more with less.

This is where Educational First Steps came in. EFS creates and supports high quality early learning environments that ignite the minds of children from birth to age five. With excellence at its core, they strive to accomplish their mission by partnering with local child care centers and supporting small business owners in their efforts to achieve national accreditation – the benchmark for childcare education. early childhood.

If you would like to learn more about Educational First Steps and support their mission, you can find their website at

Situated at north texas, Educational First Steps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and support high-quality early learning environments that ignite the minds of children from birth to age. of five years. EFS provides professional development, training, educational resources, and business support for educators to help existing child care centers achieve and maintain national accreditation. By investing in early childhood education, Educational First Steps helps close achievement gaps for young learners, break cycles of generational poverty for families, and create a better, more socially equitable future.

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