Fosun Participates in Morgan Stanley’s 7th Annual Sustainable Futures Conference, Demonstrating ESG Achievements and Commitments


HONG KONG, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The 7th Annual Morgan Stanley Sustainable Futures Conference was held in hybrid mode on Monday May 23 for Wednesday, May 25, 2022. Increased attention to sustainability by multiple stakeholders positions environmental and social issues as key priorities for business in 2022. This year’s conference brought together companies from various sectors who will discuss their sustainability strategies, addressing a variety of ESG (environment, social and governance) themes and topics as they manage in an evolving landscape.

Invited by the organizer, Fosun International (the Group) has participated in the conference for two consecutive years, and as the only speaker from the Chinese company this year. ning-jinExecutive Director of IR & Treasury, on behalf of Fosun, joined a virtual fireside chat hosted by Ehsernta Fu, Morgan Stanley Research, and spoke about Fosun’s sustainability and recent ESG achievements to the audience and investors around the world.

Ms. Jin first introduced Fosun’s mission to “create happier lives for families around the world” and four major enterprises, namely health, happiness, wealth and smart manufacturing. Entering his 30sand anniversary, Fosun has grown its business in earnest with a focus on the customer. Fosun joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in 2014 and has been dedicated to the global commitment to sustainable development. “We have improved the ESG rating for three consecutive years, and we are the only conglomerate in Greater China with an MSCI ESG rating of AA from 2021.” Said Jin.

Jin mentioned that Fosun has set a carbon reduction target – “to achieve peak carbon emissions by 2028 and carbon neutrality by 2050”. In particular, Atlantis Sanya, one of the member companies of Fosun Tourism Group, received the carbon neutral certificate, which was the first carbon neutral certificate obtained by tourism companies in Hainan Province in China. In addition, Nanjing Iron & Steel has deployed several initiatives such as product life cycle management, photovoltaic power generation, green logistics and research on innovative technologies to fulfill its energy and climate change.

In terms of social responsibility, Fosun, as a global company rooted in Chinawhile actively creating business value, attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility and actively contributes to society through public welfare programs such as supporting the fight against the pandemic, the help in the fight against malaria Africamanages the rural doctor program, promotes education, culture and entrepreneurship.

With regard to governance, Fosun is committed to protecting the interests of shareholders through high-level corporate governance and ethical business operations, and to enhancing its corporate value and responsibility. To ensure a smooth and continuous progression of ESG work, Fosun has established a top-down and long-term ESG improvement mechanism. Fosun includes the performance of ESG management as an evaluation factor in the evaluation of the performance and compensation of the board of directors and senior management.

“To further improve the ESG management system, Fosun has established an ESG Steering Committee under the Board of Directors to assist the Board of Directors in guiding and overseeing the development and implementation Group ESG; at the management and decision-making level, Fosun has set up an ESG Management Committee Executive Committee attached to the ESG Executive Committee to provide decision support for the implementation of ESG strategies. implementation, the Group has also set up an ESG Management Committee and an ESG Working Group to implement ESG strategies and associated actions and ensure the implementation of and an effective ESG risk management system and of internal control.” Jin detailed how the ESG governance system works at Fosun.

During the Q&A session, Jin further explained Fosun’s roadmap to meet carbon emission targets. “We will continuously build a green and low-carbon management system and take measures to mitigate, adapt to and resist climate change. The Group has integrated energy saving and greenhouse gas emissions reduction greenhouses as key considerations in the environmental health and safety audit system, and performs the group-level audit on member companies annually to incentivize their self-monitoring.”

To answer a question about “Fosun for Good, Operation with Love”, Jin pointed out that in 2021, the donation from the Fosun Foundation has ended. RMB153,803,621including social welfare donations over RMB106,827,965community investment of over RMB46,870,000and commercial initiatives of more than RMB105,656. She also took the examples of Fosun’s innovation and technology-driven pandemic containment, such as the co-development of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, as well as the anti-pandemic battles in China. China and around the world.

In addition, Jin demonstrated Fosun’s sound corporate governance structure and continuously improving governance. In 2021, the Board currently comprises 15 directors, including 7 executive directors, 3 non-executive directors and 5 independent non-executive directors. Among them, 2 directors are women. As of the publication date of our 2021 ESG Report, Fosun’s global partners have reached over 140 China, Japan, India, Germany, Francethe UK, Portugal, United States, Israel, etc. “Fosun recognizes and embraces the benefit of having diverse governance and believes that increasing diversity in governance will help Fosun maintain competitive advantage and achieve long-term sustainable growth.” Jin concluded.

The Sustainable Futures Conference, a 3-day event, attracted over 50 leading global ESG companies to speak. Key topics of discussion included climate transition, decarbonization technologies, inclusive growth, sustainable consumption and ESG strategy governance. To watch the replay of “Fosun: Sustainable Consumption” and other conversations, go to:

About Fosun

Founded in 1992, Fosun is an innovation-driven global consumer group dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to families around the world in the segments of health, happiness, wealth and smart manufacturing. In 2007, Fosun International Limited was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00656.HK). In 2021, the total revenue of Fosun International was 161.3 billion RMB and the total assets amounted to 806.4 billion RMB. Fosun International ranks 589th on the Forbes Global 2000 2022 list, with an MSCI ESG rating of AA.

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