Game-changing integration with AWS-powered STATS data platform


SINGAPORE, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Embed, the ultimate provider of cashless solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and leisure industries, launches the new Technology Information Data Visualization Dashboard, STATISTICSat the IAAPA Expo Orlando from November 15 to 18. Developed with and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), this solution helps family entertainment centers around the world transform customer experiences using data.

In its commitment to technological innovation, Embed has pioneered industry firsts for over 20 years to enable, empower and facilitate enjoyment. For example, its Mobile Wallet virtual game card launched in 2019 remains the only non-banking, non-financial and non-loyalty brand to sit in customers’ Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

“We continuously pursue the development of technology solutions that will propel enterprises to become the FECs of the future. In line with this goal, we have worked with the world’s most comprehensive and adopted cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, to leverage leveraged the power of cloud technology to create a software solution that will transform FEC’s operations, revenue landscape, and consumer journey,” says Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed. “Research shows that staff assigned to data analytics jobs spend 90% of the work week on basic data-related tasks – and that doesn’t include the analytics needed to get real insights that drive business decisions. The STATS Dashboard is our commitment to be part of the solution. Developing this highly automated data visualization dashboard with flexible widgets will help eliminate the counterproductive data work that traders struggle with .

This year, Embed introduces its Transformation Technology – a new line of innovative, integrated hardware and software solutions developed with technology industry leaders to transform the FEC industry. The key innovation is STATS, which makes business insights more efficient for operators, by providing venue data, including a range of revenue data and a revenue forecast widget, and this is just the start, which helps operators identify the most successful games and forecast revenue in the future. – proof of their business. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is a response to the ever-increasing challenges that traditional FEC operators are facing as the industry goes digital. With STATS, operators of all sizes can better manage their operations, improve staffing levels and scheduling, and reduce wasted labor.

The STATS insights platform leverages AWS to create user-friendly, customizable dashboards that visually present data, such as arcade game performance, guest activity, and revenue forecasts, to facilitate and to engage the comprehension of the in-depth information of an operation. It also helps FECs better understand customer behavior and improve the customer experience. Built with AWS’ global cloud infrastructure, this cloud-based solution offers accessibility, security, and low latency.

“Many businesses find data analysis daunting. Operators need data gathered and analyzed instantly to make informed business decisions immediately. STATS was specifically designed to produce customizable, bespoke, real-time reports in a easy-to-access format according to specific business needs – minus the technological intimidation and data overload”, sharing Renee Welsh.

“Because FECs are in one or more locations, we have worked closely with small, medium and large FEC customers to understand their needs and provide the deep visualized data insights that operators have come to expect from their Embed system. We’ve combed through their data and created sets that will meet the needs of any organization. From these efforts, demos and trials came a dashboard so flexible and versatile that no matter what size FEC it is. uses – everyone can benefit from STATS to maximize their activity. Andy WelshCTO at Embed.

Embed’s current data reporting solution, REPORTS, an analytics platform, gives operators access to 150 different analytics reports that provide insight into things like game popularity, revenue games and the profits of the games. “STATS is a step towards more detailed and dynamic visualized data reporting. Our customers who use it rely on STATS REPORTS to meet the challenges of inventory management, loss prevention and revenue management,” says Renee Welsh.

“As the traditional FEC industry model goes digital, venue operators can use cloud technology to extract and analyze information to make data-driven business decisions and improve customer outcomes, all while focusing on growth of their business. We are excited to work with Embed to help the family entertainment industry go digital with AWS. We look forward to continuing to support Embed in its ambitions for innovation and growth,” said Joel GarciaASEAN Technology Manager, Amazon Web Services.

View Amazon Web Services official announcement here.


Smart, simple and at a glance

Get near real-time, intelligent reporting in a state-of-the-art viewer that you can easily access – data anytime, anywhere, across one or more business locations, attractions, and various customer touchpoints. consumers.

Monitoring and performance

Find your business strength in numbers. Track in-game and guest activity and get detailed insights into:

  • Games performance and revenue
  • Customer activity, average dwell time and spending habits
  • Workforce management
  • Inventory management

A cloud for your judgment

Make data-driven business decisions! Keep reports handy and secure with this cloud-based solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) QuickSight.

Tactical planning

With its intuitive analysis, use STATS for operational planning reports and game revenue and sales forecasting based on retro data. Learn more about the company as it grows.

Batteries on batteries

Increase profitability as STATS gives carte blanche to customize a business dashboard with interactive widgets called STACKS. This way, the data becomes condensed and easy to interpret to identify key revenue management areas with tangible ROI.

Additional Integration Innovations: eShop and Staff Merchandise

Joining STATS on Embed’s Tech of Transformation list includes two new innovations that will make operations easier:

Online Store is an online shopping portal where Embed customers can easily purchase hardware, parts and accessories anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks. Unique to its competitors, this one-stop-shop offers a 24/7 service to allow customers to customize and optimize their existing integration solutions, according to their needs, with supports, adapters, server parts, scanners, and even product kits and bundles. .

In response to an issue FECs are facing with missing passes and personnel essentials, Embed is also introducing Staff Merchandisea series of customizable wristbands, keychains and lanyards to match an FEC’s theme – giving the workforce a makeover with a cohesive look that stands out.

Visit booth #1331 at IAAPA Expo Orlando and see free demos of these latest versions of Embed Mavericks, along with the rest of the game-changing innovations like the KIOSK+, the award-winning mobile wallet, the embedded software solution based on the cloud TOOLKIT, the smartTOUCH arcade debit game card reader, and a full line of clothing and game cards from the popular Embed bling bar! Attendees are also invited to daily Happy Hour sessions from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m..

About integration:

Embed is the global leader in cashless business management systems and solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and leisure industries. Designed to deliver a superior customer experience, the platform is a complete integrated cashless solution for business owners to maximize revenue and operational efficiency while reducing costs.

With the Embed platform, a company (single or multi-site) has real-time visibility and control over all of its operations: from planning guest parties and bookings via mobile to integrated POS, including bundles and upsell bundles, a full-range game management solution, real-time prize inventory, game card kiosks, and more – all integrated and accessible via mobile.

With over 1,000 customers and over 3,000 installations worldwide, Embed is equipped and ready to give family entertainment businesses (FECs) direct sales, service and support anytime, anywhere.



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