Grand Tour Trio rebrands its latest venture as it undergoes a huge change


FoodTribe, launched by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, underwent a huge rebrand after its sister site was taken down.

DriveTribe started as a social media website for car enthusiasts. Along with this he created a number of other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and although the website initially flourished, users were soon told that the site was making very little money. .

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that the website would shut down and now revolves entirely around YouTube and the social sites it originally created, while the website simply documents its followers and videos.

The FoodTribe website, which operated in much the same way, has also been removed, and now its social sites have been renamed to reflect a much wider range of content from Grand Tour presenters.

Now called And then, the YouTube channel has released a teaser for what’s to come over the next few months.

“We wanted a place where we could look at the things that we all care about,” Hammond told the camera after introducing the rebrand.

“We’re on a mission to shine a light on what’s interesting and answer some of life’s big questions.

“Go fishing. Why?” he asks.

“What about the horses? How to ride a motorcycle.

He goes on to list the questions before showing us a montage of what’s to come before asking viewers to send in their suggestions.

2A series of talk shows where the trio sit and talk. About literally anything,” a fan asks.

“I will watch anything that includes James and Richard,” adds another. “It’s going to be fun. But it was kind of sad to see the Food Tribe fridge in the trash.

It seems the episodes with James May in his “kitchen bunker” are a thing of the past, but it looks like the team still has plenty of ideas. We look forward to what they come up with.


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