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SHENZHEN, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 9, 2022–

HAI ROBOTICS, the pioneer of Autonomous Case Processing Robot (ACR) systems for warehouse logistics, will showcase its high-efficiency, high-density warehousing solutions at Korea MAT 2022, a leading logistics exhibition in South Korea from June 14 to 17.

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HAI ROBOTICS at Smart Factory+ in South Korea in September 2021. (Photo: Business Wire)

The exhibits will not only feature the largest robot in the ACR family. The company will, for the first time, offer virtual tours to on-site visitors to provide them with immersive experiences, through virtual reality glasses, to see how ACR systems increase warehouse efficiency.

Equipped with a telescopic platform, the HAIPICK A42T robot can reach a maximum picking height of 10 meters. Its forks can also drop down to 0.28 m to pick up bins and boxes stored on the lower shelf. It can carry 8 loads in one move to supply the HAIPORT Goods-to-Person Workstation to dramatically increase warehouse throughput.

HAIPORT can load four to eight crates in just three seconds from a robot, and simultaneously unload the same number of crates in five seconds. A single workstation can process up to 900 cases per hour, an order fulfillment speed 16 times faster than transporting from robot to conveyor belt.

HAI ROBOTICS will showcase its products at booth 1E802 of the Korea International Exhibition Center.

Growing interest in high-density storage solutions

Leo Kim, market manager for HAI ROBOTICS in South Korea, said the company sees “tremendous potential” as interest in high-density warehousing solutions grows, as the company has seen the benefits of automation.

“HAI ROBOTICS is to offer solutions that meet Korean companies’ demand for high return on investment. ACR solutions have proven highly effective in improving warehouse productivity while reducing labor costs across a wide range of industries,” said Kim, adding that the company has partnered with local systems integrators to extend the service.

HAI ROBOTICS has partnered with Studio 3S, a local integrator, for more than a year, and together offered a solution to the local leading 3PL company, Kim said.

“Many automation companies are now entering South Korea and are actively looking for opportunities. Having a local partner is essential to make the project successful from the start,” Mr. Kim said. “We could benefit from our partner’s presence in the market and they benefit from having an exceptional solution like HAI ROBOTICS in their portfolio, which will bring value.”

South Korea ranked first for industrial robot density according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) World Robotics 2021 report. It has a high level of automation in its manufacturing sector but a lesser degree in warehousing logistics. Order fulfillment processes were previously partially automated – centered on sorting operations – due to a lack of technology availability.

On the one hand, the country has a strong need to fill vacancies with automation, as the labor force continues to shrink due to the year-over-year decline in the birth rate – unless 1% in 2021 and the lowest of OECD countries, according to data from Statistics Korea shows. On the other hand, the increase in warehouse rentals is pushing the demand for high-density storage solutions and automation on the rise.

Like many other major economies, South Korea has seen sustained and robust e-commerce growth fueled by Covid-19. The country’s revenue stood at more than 187 trillion South Korean won ($150 billion) in 2021, according to statista.com. Official data from the South Korean government indicates that total online transactions in 2020 were US$144.7 billion.

However, the level of e-commerce supply chain automation lags far behind.

Mr. Kim said that about 80% of inquiries from Korean companies come from e-commerce and 3PL service providers. He said Chinese robotic technologies, especially logistics, are welcomed by large Korean enterprises, and HAI ROBOTICS sees good luck with its advantages in storage density and picking accuracy.


HAI ROBOTICS, the pioneer of Autonomous Case Processing Robot (ACR) systems, is committed to providing flexible, intelligent and efficient warehouse automation solutions through robot technology and AI algorithms. It aims to create value for each factory and logistics warehouse. The HAIPICK ACR system, independently developed in 2015, is the first of its kind in the world.

Founded in 2016 in Shenzhen, China, HAI ROBOTICS has offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, serving customers from over 30 countries. and regions.

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