Hassan begins a tour of small businesses on Elm Street

Maggie Hassan on August 17, 2022. Photo/Andrew Sylvia

MANCHESTER, NH — U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan (D-NH) kicked off her “Small Business for Maggie” tour at the Bookery on Elm Street, touting her work supporting small businesses in the Granite State.

Hassan cited the research and development tax credits for small businesses that she has supported through the American Innovation and Jobs Act earlier this year and as well as his support for the recently deceased Inflation Reduction Act and Creation of useful incentives for the production of semiconductors (CHIPS) and science law only new efforts on his part to support New Hampshire businesses.

Regarding the CHIPS law, which was a small part of a fiscal year appropriations bill, Hassan criticized his Republican opponents for saying they would not have voted for it if they had been in the Senate when the vote was taken. She also slammed her challengers for opposing other laws aimed at helping small businesses weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My opponents are all saying they would have voted against the CHIPS Act, let China run the world and let America fall behind,” she said. “Let’s be clear, anyone who isn’t willing to fight for New Hampshire small businesses and stand up to China doesn’t have to represent our state.”

Hassan also said more work needs to be done to overcome obstacles that hinder the growth of small businesses, such as childcare and affordable housing for employees.

“We already know New Hampshire workers are second to none,” she said. We just need to allow them to make ends meet, keep their families safe and contribute.

The event came after she was endorsed by 144 New Hampshire small business leaders, with additional stops planned on the tour in Exeter, Nashua, Claremont and Lebanon.


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