List: Buc-ee’s best snacks, including beaver nuggets


We all know Buc-ee’s is the go-to spot for gas, but it’s also a great place to stop and grab your favorite snack (or your next favorite).

Here is a list of the best snacks available at Buc-ee’s in Georgia and the United States:

Jalapeño Cheddar Kolache

If you are unfamiliar with kolaches, they are sweet pastries usually stuffed with fruit; however, Buc-ee is still going big. Their jalapeno-cheddar kolache is not to be missed. It’s stuffed with spicy jalapeños, meaty sausages and warm cheddar cheese, just like the perfect jalapeño popper. Get it hot now, any place in Buc-ee.


At Buc-ee, jerky is taken seriously, as there’s a whole wall dedicated to the meaty snack. And the flavors are endless – there’s lemon pepper, teriyaki, Bohemian garlic, sweet and spicy, ghost pepper and cherry maple.

An entire wall at Buc-ee’s in Royce City, Texas is devoted to half a dozen different flavors of jerky. Chase Karacosta

Beaver croquettes

As Atlanta Magazine says, Beaver Nuggets are “Pops turned up to 11”. Beaver nuggets, also known as “Buc-ee’s nug-ees”, are crispy corn puffs with sweet, spicy or savory flavors. Get them bold and spicy, sea salt caramel, original or covered in chocolate.

Texas-based Buc-ee’s has plenty of goodies to try, including the popular beaver nuggets. Tracy Glantz [email protected]


Buc-ee’s is a wonderful source of fudge. They have a full counter with every kind of fudge you can imagine, 24 kinds in all. From peanut butter M&Ms to watermelon fudge, there’s something for everyone at the fudge counter.

Can’t choose just one flavor? Pick and choose with a box of assorted fudge.

The fudge stand at a Buc-ee gas station in Royce City, Texas, offers nearly a dozen different flavors. Chase Karacosta

Breakfast Tacos

If you’re looking for a heavier snack, Buc-ee’s tacos or burritos are sure to fill you up and satisfy at least one of your cravings.

The tacos come in the standard breakfast combinations of eggs and sausage and cheese. But the menu has a few surprises in store for you: the hippopotamus and the rhinoceros taco. The hippopotamus is filled with beans, bacon, egg, cheese and potatoes; and the rhino is with sausage instead of bacon.

Bonus: you can add jalapeños for free.

Buc-ee’s “hippo” breakfast tacos, which include bacon, beans, eggs, cheese, potatoes and green salsa, are sold at the Royce City Gas Station, Texas. Chase Karacosta

Don’t see your favorite Buc-ee snack here? Comment below and let us know which ones we missed.


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