PM Shehbaz speaks at a pre-budget business conference


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addresses a one-day pre-budget business conference on Tuesday being held to explore avenues for consensus-based economic measures with all stakeholders on board.

The conference brought together leaders from a wide range of industries on a single platform for dynamic and interactive debate, in line with the Prime Minister’s vision of the Charter Economy and an inclusive approach to developing economic policies.

The PM will discuss participants’ ideas for a thriving economy with a solid foundation for development.

The conference will center on the Prime Minister’s vision of a Pakistan where the social, political and economic rights of the people are protected. The conference will attempt to develop measures to tackle people’s economic struggle and help the country get back on the path to a better future through mutual consultation.

Industry leaders from agriculture, information technology, textiles, manufacturing and other sectors will also speak at the one-day conference. Participants will assess Pakistan’s current economic difficulties and propose short, medium and long term remedies.

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