Rita McGrath, management expert at Columbia Business School: Argo AI shutdown signals self-driving cars are still a long way off


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Blickfield - Automation Levels

Blickfield – Automation Levels

Argo AI shut down after it was unable to find backers for its driver assistance technology.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, Nov. 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Self-driving technology has become a holy grail for automakers. Who wouldn’t want to wave to their car to pick them up at the mall entrance after a long day of shopping? Automakers know this could be a major selling point for their products.

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) defines the different levels of automation:

Level 0 – No automation
Level 1 – Driving assistance
Level 2 – Partial Automation
Level 3 – Conditional Automation
Level 4 – High Automation
Level 5 – Full Automation

While current manufacturers have vehicles with Tier Two to Three capabilities, Tier Four is proving to be a tall order. Argo AI was working towards this goal, but with support from Ford and Volkswagen ending, and no other investors in sight, they shut down.

Ford and Volkswagen are using what they learned from Argo AI internally and development will continue from there. That said, analysts are now saying that the availability of level four automation is not years away, but rather decades away.

Columbia Business School management expert Rita McGrath says:

“It’s a great story because it fits perfectly with my predictions of how an inflection point would unfold. First, massive hype and investment. Then disillusion as a few survivors discover the business model. Then a period of maturation during which we discover what a company could be. The path to getting there is through what I call a staged approach, where you find the first markets that can profitably use the technology at its current level of development. Once enough stepping stones have been built, you will experience a real lurch in the post-inflection point situation. Then we will completely forget the way the world used to be.

While Argo AI has been disbanded and its technology (along with some of its employees) gobbled up by its sponsors, the quest for truly autonomous transportation continues. Ford is continuing its Tier 2/3 technology development.

But, Argo AI was far from the only player in the field of automotive automation. Oxbotica converted Ford Mondeos to test level four range in Oxford, England. In a major step, their prototypes will join traffic in three major UK cities as part of their Endeavor project. Perhaps the most visible player, Tesla, is also hard at work bringing level four automation to market as well.

Although Argo AI failed, work to meet the challenge of fully autonomous vehicles will continue for decades.

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