Start-Up Nation Central’s ‘Connect to Innovate’ conference brings together Israeli and Moroccan government officials and business leaders


13 memoranda of understanding were signed during the opening ceremony of the first conference of its kind dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to common challenges shared by the two countries.

A delegation of dozens of Israeli government and tech leaders travels to casablanca for a 3-day conference focused on innovative solutions to common challenges and to meet leading Moroccan companies and government organizations.

During “Connect to Innovate”, a series of commercial agreements will be signed between Israeli and Moroccan entities to pave the way for a ramp-up of B2B and G2G activities, particularly in the areas of AgriFood-Tech, Water- Tech, ClimateTech, Logistics, and human capital.

Casablanca, Morocco, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National start-up center – A noprofit which promotes Israel’s innovation ecosystem worldwide – launched its first-of-its-kind conference focused on developing innovative solutions to common challenges shared by Israel and Moroccoin casablanca Monday. The “Connect to Innovate” conference, which takes place May 23-26 aims to bring the long-standing cultural relationship between the two countries into the 21st century by centering the ties on innovation and technology, as envisioned by HM the King of Mohammed VI New development model. The event takes place at a time when the two countries seek to strengthen their bilateral relations after the establishment of diplomatic relations at the end of 2020.

The conference opened Monday evening with a ceremony for 150 Moroccan and Israeli government and business leaders, the largest business and innovation delegation ever to arrive from Israel for Morocco. The event included keynote speeches from Israel’s President Isaac Herzog (video); HE Mr. André Azoulayking’s adviser Mohammad VI; Ghita Mezzour, from Morocco Minister of Digital Transformation; Ryad Mezzour, from Morocco Minister of Commerce and Industry; mohamed abdeljalilMinister of Equipment, Transport and Logistics; David GovrinHead of the Israel Mission to Moroccoand CEO of Start-Up Nation Central Avi Hasson. Israel’s The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Orit Farkash-Hacohen, will lead the closing ceremony of the conference.

The opening ceremony also featured live signing ceremonies of a series of 13 memorandums of understanding between Israeli and Moroccan entities that will pave the way for increased B2B and G2G activities, particularly in the areas of capital. human, agrifood, water and climate technology. , logistics, etc.

To help forge these connections, Start-Up Nation Central enlisted Morocco a delegation of over 50 Israelis to casablanca. Members of the delegation, which includes senior government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and consultants, will share their experiences and challenges with the aim of creating collaborations with Moroccan participants that address pain points of each one.

The conference will include professional workshops, lectures, business panels, pitch sessions and panel discussions. Half a day will be devoted to each of the four major themes: agrofood-tech, water-tech, energy, climatetech and supply chain/logistics. Additional sessions will be dedicated to exploring solutions to human capital challenges in both countries, as well as best practices and key elements for developing an innovation ecosystem. The goal is to share the strengths and growth areas of the two countries’ ecosystems in order to find areas where each could benefit from collaboration.

“I am very pleased to extend my warmest greetings to the Morocco-Israel Connect to Innovate Forum and to congratulate Start-Up Nation Central and all the partners and participants of the forum for organizing this historic event”, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog said in a recorded message to attendees. “Whole, Israel and Morocco can develop the innovative solutions that will improve lives, livelihoods and quality of life in our own countries and promote progress and peace across the world. Middle East, Africa and beyond.”

Morocco and Israel have embarked on a path of win-win collaboration in mutually beneficial areas. As expected, we have built a solid and dynamic economic partnership that aims to be innovative in line with global technological developments. This forum will further explore avenues for development in promising areas, namely: AgriFood-Tech, EnergyTech, LogisticTech and WaterTech. from Morocco Minister of Trade and Industry, Ryad Mezzour, mentioned. “These are projects that fit from Morocco priority approach to economy and industry and are fully aligned with from Morocco New development model, which promotes sovereignty, innovation, R&D and innovative entrepreneurship.”

“Over the past few decades, innovation has driven the Israeli economy, driving steady growth, raising its standard of living and opening up new opportunities on the diplomatic front. As the world shifted from an economy based on resources to a knowledge-based economy, we invite our regional and global partners to be part of the journey and benefit from the lessons we have learned on the path to becoming the Start-Up Nation,” said CEO of Start-Up Nation Central Avi Hasson. “We believe that Moroccounder the leadership of HM Mohammed VI, is particularly well placed to join forces with Israel paving the way for a new MENA region, one that is connected by a genuine desire for peace and prosperity. This conference is a pivotal moment as we embark on a joint innovation journey between Israel and Morocco to economic prosperity.”

The three-day event is co-hosted with from Morocco CPR and brings together Moroccan and Israeli leaders from the public and private sectors, including large corporations and technology companies, to help them identify avenues of collaboration that will benefit both economies. By connecting the Israeli innovation ecosystem with those of the Moroccan public and private sectors, the organizers aim to address common challenges resulting in successful long-term business ventures and closer people-to-people ties.

Representatives of leading Moroccan commercial and governmental companies, including the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM); AMDIE; ONEE; Crédit Agricole du Maroc; ADD; The Foundation for Research, Development and Innovation in Science and Engineering (FRDISI); UM6P; Capital of Ithmar; Tamwilcom; AMDL; SNTL, and Lina Holdingalso took part in the event and expressed their commitment to developing innovation and business cooperation and their support for the pioneering initiative.

Pictured from right to left: Ghita Mezzour, from Morocco Minister of Digital Transformation; CEO of Start-Up Nation Central Avi Hasson; HE Mr. André Azoulayking’s adviser Mohammad VI; mohamed abdeljalil, Minister of EquipmentTransport and logistics; Ryad Mezzour, from Morocco Minister of Commerce and Industry; and David GovrinHead of the Israel Mission to Morocco.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Start-Up Nation Central

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