TMS platforms: not just for large fleets


Transportation management system software, commonly referred to with the SMT acronym, has moved from native applications to increasingly cloud-based platforms, providing tools designed to help fleets manage logistics more efficiently from the back office.

While the trucking industry is largely comprised of small fleets, these systems have traditionally been marketed to large corporations. Tom Wulf, senior vice president of sales and strategic partnerships for Trucker Path, said his company’s research found that only 33 percent of fleets of 10 or fewer trucks use a TMS of any type. Yet, as cloud-based online systems and in-cab technology have matured, more and more platforms are specifically designed and manageable for, and useful for, any size fleet, even an independent truck. .

“What we want to do is even the playing field for these guys, so these owner-operators and small fleets can compete with the big guys with an affordable solution,” Wulf said of the own system. of his company, one of the three TMS platforms detailed in this feature. Wulf added that he believes using a TMS can be a step towards better business for smaller carriers.

“It helps them run their business with analytics,” he said, referring to a centralized business management capability.

Depending on the platform, a TMS can help streamline dispatch, billing, routing, document and customer management, communication to and from the road, and more. put a new investment of time where it is needed, quite simply.

As noted by Lynks TMS COO George Thellman, his company’s platform aims to ease the burden of managing business processes as fleets grow, by facilitating digital transfers between carriers. and a growing clientele.

There are many TMSs on the market to choose from, including systems tailored to specific freight niches in trucking, such as Ship.Cars, used by owner Taurus Auto’s car hauling operation Group, Slava Sobetki.

Follow the links below to read the stories of three owners putting relatively new TMS platforms to good use, achieving and/or paving the way for growth.

Read more about (pictured clockwise from bottom left) Troy and Heather BaumgartnerTB Trucking to a truck using the Lynks TMS, Dorian Acosta Jr. and Maritime Teleporters’ adoption of Trucker Path’s command system, and Fleet Owner/Former Operator Slava Sobetki of the Taurus Auto group and the transporter TMS of Ship.Cars.


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