Two New Online Platforms Announced to Facilitate Access to Trade Regulations and Encourage Regional Business Investments |


By Sami Zaptia.

Tripoli, October 31, 2021:

The Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade announced on Thursday the launch of the Ejraat platform, an online tool offering detailed information on administrative procedures and regulations of local businesses. He also revealed the inclusion of Libya in the EuroMed sales assistance service Online portal providing access to Mediterranean / EU trade related information and supporting trade and investment.

“As part of the ministerial plan to develop the national economy by supporting the private sector and local industries, creating export opportunities and attracting investors, the Ministry of Economy and Trade is pleased to ” announce the launch of these two platforms which will contribute to the development of the business environment and the services provided to citizens and to create employment opportunities that support the recovery and diversification of the economy. said Mohamed Hwej, Minister of Economy and Trade.

The Ejraat platform

The Ejraat The platform offers business owners for different business procedures detailed information about the institutions involved, the documents required and the estimated cost and time. For example, users can find a step-by-step guide to registering a business, opening a store, paying taxes, and investing in Libya.

Ejraat was developed in cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade and the General Information Authority, under the European Union’s Private Sector Program in Libya (EU4PSL) funded by the EU. The program is implemented by Expertise France in partnership with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

The Euromed Commerce Helpdesk

Libya also joined the Euromed sales assistance service online platform. This portal provides Libyan SMEs and businesses with information on markets, tariffs and import requirements in Europe and the Mediterranean region. It aims to strengthen economic ties between Libya and the European Union and other Mediterranean countries and to foster economic integration and trade in the region by helping businesses reduce the costs of collecting information.

EU4PSL supported the inclusion of Libya in the Euromed Trade Helpdesk in cooperation with the International Trade Center (ITC) and Libyan partners; the Ministry of Economy and Trade and the General Union of Chambers of Commerce.

“With the progress of the stabilization of the country, Libya will also be able to realize its enormous economic potential, and we expect the private sector to be one of the main engines of Libya’s economic development,” José said. Luis Sanchez Alegre, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation in Libya. . “Strengthened trade relations and a business climate conducive to investment will be essential elements to revive the Libyan economy. The EU was happy to be able to work with the Libyan government on the Ejraat and Euromed Trade Helpdesk platforms. They will allow the business community, entrepreneurs and investors to easily access key information to progress, prosper and grow.

“We are delighted with the launch of the Ejraat and EuroMed Trade Helpdesk platforms in Libya. These platforms represent a step forward in streamlining business processes by providing accessible and transparent data that will drive new opportunities for business owners nationally and regionally. said Jérémie Pellet, Managing Director of Expertise France. “This achievement underlines Expertise France’s continued commitment to work with its Libyan partners to support economic recovery and provide an improved business environment for all Libyans,” he added.


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