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The Newport Division of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) hosted Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Heidi Shyu for discussions on the organization’s operations and tours of some of its facilities on June 21 .

In this role, Shyu serves as the Department of Defense (DoD) Director of Technology, responsible for ensuring technological superiority for the U.S. military, and is responsible for research, development, and prototyping activities across the board. of the DoD company.

Throughout the tour, Shyu had the opportunity to see some of the “truly fascinating” underwater warfare technologies being developed by the Newport Division.

“I was very impressed with what I saw,” Shyu said. “The quality of the analysis and the integration of the engineering with the perspective of the user in such a large installation. The submarine is such a critical area of ​​military power in which we absolutely must maintain our dominance. My question was, how can we help them accelerate this ability? »

Shyu has seen firsthand how the Newport Division exemplifies this in its role as a technical steward in the underwater realm. The tour began with an overview of the Newport Division provided by Technical Director Ron Vien and Commanding Officer, Captain Chad Hennings.

Brad Neff, Deputy Director, Underwater Warfare Division (OPNAV N97B), Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Warfare Systems) assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), followed by a description of how the Newport division fits into the larger submarine warfare portfolio.

A number of key topics were discussed throughout the visit, including science and technology roadmaps, torpedo advancements and investments, environment and sensing, and the workforce development pipeline. work.

Stops on the tour included the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Laboratory, as well as the Underwater Ocean Interface Test Facilities.

This included descriptions by Chris DelMastro, Head of the Undersea Warfare Platforms and Payload Integration Department, and Jim Broadmeadow, Head of the Ocean Interfaces Division, of some of the payload launch systems useful on site at Newport Division.

These large-scale underwater land-based test facilities allow Newport Division engineers and scientists to evaluate the performance of existing and developing payloads and weapon systems in a laboratory environment that is truly representative of the underwater platform. These facilities ensure that the fleet has the weapon, launch and handling systems it needs and that they perform as intended every time, but also provide enormous economic benefits to the Navy by leveraging this terrestrial integration and test infrastructure.

The tour ended with a visit to the UUV lab, where Shyu heard about some of the projects underway. These included mid- and long-term UUV technology efforts, as well as other ongoing efforts with payloads and unmanned underwater buoys.

“We have leveraged the best from academia and industry, as well as the brightest minds in government to advance the state of the art in UUV,” DelMastro said. “The Navy has made a lot of investments over the years and we are stewards of those investments to transfer capabilities to the fleet.”

NUWC Newport is the nation’s oldest warfare center, tracing its heritage to the naval torpedo station established on Goat Island in Newport Harbor in 1869. Commanded by Captain Chad Hennings, NUWC Newport maintains significant detachments in West Palm Beach, Florida and Andros Island in the Bahamas, as well as testing facilities in Seneca Lake and Fisher’s Island, New York, Leesburg, Florida and Dodge Pond, Connecticut.

Join our team! NUWC Division Newport, one of Rhode Island’s 20 largest employers, employs a diverse, highly skilled, educated, and skilled workforce. We are always looking for engineers, scientists and other STEM professionals, as well as talented experts in business, finance, logistics and other support services who want to be at the forefront of underwater research and development. Please connect with NUWC Division Newport Recruiting on this site- https://www.navsea.navy.mil/Home/Warfare-Centers/NUWC-Newport/Career-Opportunities/ and follow us on LinkedIn @NUWC-Newport and on Facebook @NUWCNewport.


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