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As concert halls have opened across the country in the past six months, legendary groups and contemporary hitmakers are back on stage. But it’s not just the world’s greatest musicians back on tour – the athletes also had fun. Quadruple Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles was the headliner of the Gold Over America tour, totaling $ 19.3 million and selling 182,000 tickets in 32 cities, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

The GOAT Tour kicked off September 21 in Tucson, Arizona through November 7 with its closing night at TD Garden in Boston. It was a smart choice to finish in Boston as it was the highest grossing ($ 1.17 million) and most attended (9,428 tickets sold) show of the entire race.

Beyond Boston, the entire tour route appears to have been designed to slowly build momentum throughout the two-month hike. Starting in Arizona, California and Utah before heading east, his geographic trajectory matched his performance arc, playing in front of much larger crowds than Biles & co. headed to the Midwest and Northeast.

Boston and Philadelphia were the only markets to cross the 9,000 paying-spectator mark, while Brooklyn is among the top-grossing cities on the tour with $ 756,000 at the Barclays Center on November 6. The Midwest is represented by Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit. among the 10 most attended shows on the tour.

On the flip side, five of the tour’s eight least-traveled dates were in California and two of the other three were opening night in Tucson, Arizona and the October 2 show in West Valley City, Utah (11 miles away). of Salt Lake City). While it might seem unfair to compare Boston and Philadelphia to Tucson and Sacramento, these five California shows included major stops in Los Angeles (Staples Center) and San Francisco (Chase Center).

Mark Norman, Senior Vice President of Global Touring at Concerts West, pointed out that California has always been a strong pocket for Olympic gymnastics showcases. But it makes sense that night-time attendance on the 2021 tour is typically represented by an ascending line, starting slowly on the west coast.

On the one hand, the format of the 2021 show diverted from previous tours. Unlike the standard one-to-one presentation format, Norman noted, “It was a fully choreographed show. A dance performance. A gymnastic extravaganza. A production extravaganza. The promoters were unable to secure footage of the new enhanced show until opening night, but once that footage was edited and promoted, sales week and day resumed, pushing the tour to its peak in its closing evenings in the Northeast.

And of course, the rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has affected sales differently across the country. Different regions behaved differently, and cases peaked and declined throughout the tour. While many concert tours in 2021 had money in the bank from 2019-20 sales, The Gold Over America sold all of its tickets during the ups and downs of the most recent waves of COVID.

The Gold Over America Tour follows the tradition of American gymnasts touring the country after the Olympics every four years. Billboard Boxscore has reports dating back to the Olympic touring and world champion gymnastics in 1992. Support has been incredibly constant over the past three decades, never dropping below an average of 5,000 tickets.

The only significant increase in sales came for the John Hancock Tour of World Gymnastics Champions after the 1996 matches, where the iconic Magnificent Seven averaged 11,341 tickets per show. The momentum was strong enough for the tour to extend into 1997, still selling over 7,500 tickets each evening.

The 2021 edition of the perennial showcase of Olympic gymnastics stood out from its predecessors, not only by its leveled production, but also by the composition of its performers. “It was an all-female cast: 60 to 70% of the team was female, in all departments. Many mothers came to me and said, “Thank you very much”. The show featured 13 gymnasts, including Ellie Black, Jade Carey, Jordin Chiles and others (in addition to Biles).

The Gold Over America Tour was promoted by Concerts West / AEG Presents and Magicspace Entertainment.


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