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Vedanta (consolidated, QoQ)

Revenue at Rs. 38,251 cr vs. Rs. 39,342 cr, down 3%

Net profit at Rs. 5,592 cr vs. Rs. 7,261 cr, down 23%

EBITDA at Rs 10,741 cr vs Rs 13,768 cr, down 22%

EBITDA margin 32% vs. 39%

TVS engines (Autonomous, YoY)

Revenue at Rs. 6,009 credits vs. Rs. 3,934 cr, up 52.7%

Net profit at Rs. 321 cr vs. Rs. 53 cr, up 505.7%

Reported EBITDA at Rs. 599 cr vs. Rs. 274 cr, up 118.6%

EBITDA margin 9.9% vs. 6.9%

Oriental hotels (Consolidated, annual)

EBITDA margin 23.3% vs. 29.4%

Revenue at Rs. 88 cr vs. Rs. 25 cr, up 252%

Net profit at Rs. 11.4 cr vs Loss Rs. 17 cr, up 167.1%

Ajanta Pharma (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 951 cr vs. Rs. 748 cr, up 27.1%

Net profit at Rs. 175 cr vs. Rs. 174 cr, up 0.6%

Reported EBITDA at Rs. 222 cr vs. Rs. 220 cr, up 0.9%

DR. Reddy’s (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 5,215 cr vs. Rs. 4,919 cr, up 6%

Net profit at Rs. 1187 cr vs. Rs. 571 cr, up 107.9%

Reported EBITDA at Rs. 1779 cr vs. Rs. 1019 cr, up 75%

EBITDA margin 34.1% vs. 20.7%

Capital expenditure is at Rs. 330 cr

R&D costs Rs 433cr

Japanese life (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 316 cr vs. Rs. 302 cr, up 4.6%

Net profit at Rs. 114 cr vs. Rs. 181 cr, down 37%

GNP Housing (Consolidated, annual)

NII at Rs 369cr vs. Rs 508cr down 27%

PAT at Rs 235cr vs Rs 243cr down 3%

Provisions at Rs 48cr vs Rs 146cr down 67% QoQ

RCA at 23.9%

Transport Shriram Finance (Consolidated, annual)

Rs NII reported. 2641cr vs. Rs. 2107cr up 25%

PAT Rs. 965cr vs. Rs. 169 cr up 468% YoY

Provision Rs. 805cr against Rs. 761cr QoQ

Provisions up 6% QoQ and down 44%

NIM settled at 6.91% vs. 6.96% QoQ

Cost/revenue ratio 19.4% vs. 20% QoQ

Hotel Cabin (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 253 cr vs. Rs. 67.4 cr, up 275.4%

Net profit at Rs. 28.5 cr vs loss Rs. 41.6 cr, up 168.5%

Motilal Oswal (Consolidated, annual)

Total revenue at Rs 964cr vs. Rs 857cr, up 13%

Operational PAT at Rs 181.7cr vs. Rs 129.5cr, up 40%

2.1lk new customer acquired in Q1FY23

3.2% Retail & FnO market share, up 34 bps Q/Q

Brokerage revenue up 9% YoY, but down 8% QoQ

SBI Life (Consolidated, annual)

PAT Rs. 263cr vs Rs. 223 cr up 18%

Rs GWP. 11350cr vs. Rs. 8380cr up 35%

APE Rs. 2900cr against Rs. 1620cr up to 80%

VNB at Rs 880cr vs. Rs 380cr up 130%

VNB margin 30.4% vs. 23.7%

Solvency ratio 2.21 versus 2.15

Cost ratio 11.2% vs. 10.5%

An additional reserve of Rs 290cr is kept for the COVID-19 pandemic as of June 30, 2022

IFB Industries (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 1067 cr vs. Rs. 572 cr, up 86.5%

Net profit at Rs. 1.9 cr vs. Loss Rs. 41.2 cr, up 104.6%

NACL Industries (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 475 cr vs. Rs. 325 cr, up 46.2%

Net profit at Rs. 15 cr vs. Rs. 14 cr, up 7.1%

IIFL titles (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 291 cr vs. Rs. 251 cr, up 15.9%

Net profit at Rs. 43.6 cr vs. Rs. 68.8 cr, down -36.6%

Co says first quarter lackluster due to soaring operating costs

Brokerage revenue amounted to Rs 145.1 Cr up 12%

Average daily market turnover for brokerage business up 140%

GMM Pfaudler (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 739 cr vs. Rs. 552 cr, up 33.9%

Reported EBITDA at Rs. 98 cr vs. Rs. 36 cr, up 172.2%

EBITDA margin 13.2% vs. 6.5%

PAT at Rs 61cr against loss 18cr

PRECISION FORGE SONA BLW (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 584 cr vs. Rs. 498, up 17%

Net profit at Rs. 76 cr vs. Rs. 82.2 cr, down 8%

Intellectual design arena (Consolidated, QoQ)

Revenue at Rs. 541 cr vs. Rs. 509 cr, up 6.3%

Net profit at Rs. 69 cr vs. Rs. 95.2 cr, down 27%

BAJAJ Holding & Investment (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 91 cr vs. Rs. 97 cr, down 6%

Net profit at Rs. 970 cr vs. Rs. 779 cr, up 24.5%

KDDLComment (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 247 cr vs. Rs. 139 cr, up 78%

Net profit at Rs. 18 cr vs. Rs. 2.8 cr, up 543%

Equitas Small Finance Bank (Annual)

NII at Rs 580 cr vs Rs 461 up 26%

PAT at Rs 97 cr vs Rs 12 cr up 708%

Provision Rs. 141cr vs. Rs. 123cr up 15% QoQ

GNPA 4.10% vs. 4.24% QoQ

NNPA 2.15% vs. 2.47% QoQ

National Bank of Punjab (Autonomous, YoY)

NII Rs. 7543cr vs. Rs. 7234cr up 4%

PAT 308cr vs. Rs. 1023cr down 70%

Disposition Rs. 4790 vs. Rs. 4851cr down 1% QoQ

GNPA 11.27% vs. 11.78% QoQ

NNPA 4.28% vs. 4.80% QoQ

RCA 14.8%

ADF foods (Consolidated, annual)

Revenue at Rs. 97 cr vs. Rs. 86 cr, up 13%

Net profit at Rs. 7.6 cr vs. Rs. 11.1 cr, down 31%

Welspun Ent, Cons YoY

Revenue at Rs. 763 cr vs. Rs. 372.5 cr, up 104.83%

EBITDA at Rs. 90.9 cr vs. Rs. 33.4 cr, up 172.16%

EBITDA margin at 11.91% vs. 8.97%

PAT at Rs. 61.2 cr vs. Rs. 35.3 cr, up 73.37%

Approval in principle to make a $1 million strategic investment in a US-based entity called Naansense Operating LLC

MRPL (Consolidated QoQ)

Revenue at Rs. 32,289 cr vs. Rs. 24,389 cr, up 32.39%

PAT at Rs. 2716 cr vs Loss Rs. 229 credits


Chalet hotels

Letter of Intent for Award by Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) for the design, development, financing, operation, management and maintenance of a terminal hotel at a site opposite the Terminal 3, at New Delhi IGI Airport (“Project’). The project will be developed on a plot of land spread over 2.65 acres.

oriental hotel

The Board approved the appointment of S Akila as Secretary General on August 1, 2022

Cochin Shipyards

Delivery of the first locally built aircraft carrier (IAC-1) to the Indian Navy

Jubilant Foodworks

Board of Directors to Acquire 40% Stake in Roadcast Tech Solutions Private Limited for Rs 14.98cr

Indus Towers: Bimal Dayal resigned as Managing Director and CEO of the company. He decided to pursue opportunities outside of Indus Towers.

Welspung Ent

Mr. Ajay Hans resigned as Managing Director and CEO on August 8, 2022.

The board appointed Mr. Sandeep Garg on August 8

Aban Offshore (ABAN): Obtains three-year drilling contract from ONGC


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