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Sydney McManamy admits she has an addiction, but has no interest in finding a cure.

“Call it an occupational risk,” the United Real Estate Solutions real estate agent said with a smile. “I can’t help but check my cell phone every

a few minutes. I never want to receive a message and leave no one hanging. “

Graduating from East High School in 2016 and graduating from the University of Nebraska in 2020, McManamy entered the real estate business at the worst possible time.

“I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in business administration during a COVID-19 lockdown,” she said with a sigh. “Then I started my career selling houses during a lockdown related to COVID-19. Perfect timing, right? “

Despite these bumps in the road, McManamy remains positive.

“People tell me I perform well under pressure,” she admits. “I have tested this theory a lot over the past year and a half.”

Still, McManamy didn’t originally consider real estate a career option, even though his grandfather Ron McManamy was a longtime Sioux City real estate agent.

It also didn’t hurt that his father, Kevin McManamy, was also president of United Real Estate Solutions.

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No, in the beginning, McManamy aspired to have a career similar to that of his mother, Kristie Ver Mulm.

Currently, Ver Mulm is Director of Communications for United Real Estate Solutions. However, she is best known for her role as a news anchor and producer for KTIV, a position she held for over 17 years.

“All my life I’ve heard, ‘Sydney, you look like your mother’ or ‘Sydney, on the phone, you look like your mother,’” says McManamy. “When you hear this often enough, you start to take it seriously.”

So, has McManamy ever imagined herself as a TV news anchor?

“To be perfectly honest, I originally wanted to star on these eating competition type shows, because that would be so awesome,” she laughs. “Yeah, TV was something I envisioned. “

McManamy and his younger brother Sean were used to growing up with prestigious parents.

“Sean and I have always known what mom and dad do for a living,” she says. “But, at home, they were just mom and dad.”

Did Dad have to bring home work occasionally? Of course, that’s to be expected when running a business. Was Mom always available to attend evening school activities? No, she had a journal to anchor.

“It was never a problem for Sean and I,” McManamy says. “It wasn’t until we got older that we realized how many sacrifices our parents made for us. We only saw the good things.”

Well, maybe it does. And maybe not.

“Sydney might only remember happy things, but she knows a lot behind the scenes,” Kristie Ver Mulm McManamy says with a chuckle.

Pushed a step further, McManamy admits that Mom is right.

“Sean and I have always had a good mix from both of our parents,” she explains. “I’m a very outgoing person but I also have a business side. Sean wants to be an airline pilot and is very detail-oriented like dad. Yet he has a lot of similarities to mum.”

That said, McManamy acknowledges that his parents are both helpful in very different ways.

“Mom is my go-to person when it comes to all things communications,” she says. “Daddy is my go-to math guy.”

Despite this, McManamy cannot bring himself to call dad by his first name.

“My dad worked with his dad, so he called my grandpa Ron at work,” she says. “Even though our roles are professional at work and personal at home, I still have a hard time calling my dad Kevin at work.”

Showing her cubicle at the downtown United Real Estate Solutions office, McManamy says it was hard to shake the impression that she was “the coach’s child.”

“I think it was more because of my insecurity,” she says. “Everyone here has been nothing but positive and supported me.”

Even after a rocky start linked to the pandemic, McManamy has found the perfect balance with his role as a real estate agent.

“I like to be social and meet people, like my mom,” she says. “I also came to appreciate the more entrepreneurial side of personality, just like dad did.”

“I really have the best of both worlds.”


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