You can now take a bus from Hamilton to London. And a few more day trips by public transport this summer


A new direct bus route linking Hamilton to London is cause for celebration for a city that lacks regional transportation options.

FlixBusself-proclaimed “the fastest growing intercity bus network in North America”, began expanding into Ontario in April and added a Toronto-London route, with a stop in Hamilton, which began on July, 1st.

The bus, connecting McMaster and Western Universities, leaves Hamilton just after 12 p.m. and returns to town at 4:15 p.m. daily. A round trip will cost approximately $47 Canadian, depending on the daily USD conversion rate.

Hamilton has been increasingly disconnected from regional bus services, with the pandemic making matters worse – including the complete collapse of Greyhound Canada in 2021. Other than a GO Transit travel between McMaster and Brantford, it is difficult to find convenient travel between Hamilton and any city outside of the GTA.

But with fuel prices soaring, some profitable intercity trips could mean a cut-price adventure for people with or without access to another vehicle.

Here are two easier and more economical summer itineraries from Hamilton that are well worth trying:

Hamilton in Canada’s Wonderland

This summer, GO Transit is offering weekend day trips from Hunter Street Station in Hamilton to North GTA Amusement Park.

The bus leaves Hamilton GO Center at 6:50am and 7:45am and returns from Wonderland at 8:15pm and 9:15pm. It costs around $30 for adults and around $20 for children with Presto cards. A full-fare adult round-trip costs approximately $35.

Aldershot to Niagara Falls

Travelers can travel to Niagara Falls by train on weekends from Aldershot Station in Burlington.

The approximately $25 round trip, for adults with Presto cards, leaves Aldershot at 9:41 a.m., 1:41 p.m. and 5:41 p.m. with a stop in St. Catharines and returns from Niagara Falls GO at 11:15 a.m. , 3:15 p.m. and 7:15 p.m.


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